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This vase is a mirror

How Grayson Earle’s Ai Weiwei Whoops! reflects today’s art world

Image credit: Grayson Earle.

Excited to say that clicking through the title of this post will take you to a piece I wrote for Kill Screen, the website and quarterly magazine on arts and culture via videogames, or as The New Yorker once described them, “the McSweeney’s of interactive media.” In it, I argue that the online game Ai Weiwei Whoops!, created by digital artist Grayson Earle after the infamous Ai Weiwei vase-smashing incident at Miami’s Perez Art Museum in February, unwittingly simulates today’s art market (you know, the one full of pre-sellingCOINs, and record prices at branded auctions). Thanks to Kill Screen and especially my editor, Clayton Purdhom, for helping me to improve it and for giving it a home. Hopefully it’s the first of many more pieces I can actually link outward to from the blog.